Install on Amazon ECS

The Steadybit Agent can be installed on Amazon Elastic Container Service backed by AWS EC2 instances. It is not compatible with AWS Fargate.

In general, you have two options to install the Agent:

  • Run and install the Agent and extensions on the underlying EC2 Instance

  • Run the Agent and extensions as ECS service(s).

EC2 Installation

Include the agent and the extensions in your AMI, or install them when the EC2 instance is launching using the user data. Please refer to Install on Linux Hosts for setting up the agent on Linux.

See the Amazon ECS Container Instance documentation for using the user data mechanism on new EC2 instances.

ECS Task

Due to security constraints, the Host Shutdown Attack will not work. You can use the Change EC2 Instance State attack from the extension-aws instead.

You can run the agent and the extension as an ECS workload. You have to create daemonset task definitions for the extension-host and extension-container and a regular service for the agent and other extensions.

You can use the script from Install using Docker Compose to generate a docker compose file to get an idea how the container definitions have to look.

If you need any help with that, let us know!

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