Audit Log
The audit log retains historical information about actions triggered within the Steadybit platform. For example, the audit logs help to answer questions such as:
  • When was the experiment executed, by whom, and which hosts did it affect?
  • When did we engage the experiment kill switch?
At the moment, only a handful of activities are logged for auditing purposes. In the future, this will be extended.
You can access the audit log through the /api/audit-log endpoint. For more information, please see our API documentation.


Audit logs are retained for up to 90 days for our SaaS platform. Customers leveraging an on-premise Steadybit platform installation can extend the retention through the steadybit.auditlog.removeAfter configuration option. The configuration option accepts shorthands for time units, e.g., 90d for 90 days.
Last modified 1mo ago
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