Teams are the grouping element for multiple users. Each team consists of multiple users and owns separate permissions for environments and attacks, allowing fine grained access control for your experiments. Creating teams is possible only with the admin permission. Within teams there can be owners who manage the team and its members.

Default Team: Admin

Per default one team is created called Admin (key: ADM). It contains only the first user of Steadybit and has access to the Global-environment.

Creating Teams

In the create dialog you should first enter a name for the Team. The name can be edited after creation by admins or team owners.

You must enter a key for the team consisting of one to eight characters. The key cannot be changed after the creation. Each experiment belonging to this team, will be assigned an identifier with the team key as prefix.


In the edit/create dialog admins can give permissions to

  • the attacks a team is allowed to execute and

  • which environments containing different targets the team is allowed to operate on.

You can think of it as a maximum blast radius this team can attack.

If permissions for teams with existing experiments are removed, the blast radius of the experiments is not widened. If you add permissions to teams with existing experiments, the new permissions will be applied to the experiments.

Managing Team Members

Admins or team owners can add or remove members to the team and assign them either the member or owner role.

Team LDAP-Synchronization

If you have configured the LDAP synchronization for teams (on-premises only), you cannot add or remove teams or team members. But you have to configure the permissions for the team, by default newly synchronized teams are not allowed to execute any attack.

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