Slack Notifications

You want to receive a Slack message whenever an experiment has started or failed? This can be achieve via Settings / Application Settings / Integrations / Slack.

If you use an on-prem installation make sure to set the STEADYBIT_WEB_PUBLIC_URL, so we can add links to open Steadybit via links in the message.


The name for this integration will not show up in the message.


The Slack webhook URL, which you can create in Slack by navigating Manage apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming Webhooks.


The Slack channel which receives the message. If omitted the default from the Slack Webhook configuration will be used. optional

Icon Url

You may specify a different icon to be used for the message. optional


If no team is specified, you'll receieve all events. If you do specify a team you'll only receive notifications relevant for this team


You may select the events you want to recieve.

If you want, you can also use a custom Webhook to further customize Slack message or integrate with other chat applications.

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