Migrating from the outpost agent

After completing the new agent architecture, we renamed the 'outpost agent' to just 'agent' for a more straightforward and consistent naming in the Steadybit universe. The guidelines on this page help you to migrate to the newly renamed artifacts, depending on the type of installation.

Helm Chart

We replaced the steadybit-outpost chart with the steadybit-agent chart. While the charts are structurally the same, this is not a drop-in replacement, as some defaults and prefixes change:

  • The default container image is now steadybit/agent

  • All outpost.* values were renamed to agent.*

  • The sample command provided in the platform in the platform now suggests the steadybit-agent namespace.

For migrating:

  1. Remove the old Helm release using helm uninstall

  2. Update your custom values to use the agent.* instead outpost.* of the prefix

  3. Install the new Helm chart using helm install


The https://get.steadybit.com/outpost.sh was renamed to https://get.steadybit.com/agent.sh. The scripts are structurally identical but refer to the new steadybit/agent container image.

For migrating:

  1. stop and remove the running containers

  2. Install using the new agent.sh

Linux Packages

The https://get.steadybit.com/outpost-linux.sh was renamed to https://get.steadybit.com/agent-linux.sh. The scripts are structurally identical but now install the steadybit-agent packages, and the configuration is located in /etc/steadybit/agent.

For migrating:

  1. Remove the old steadybit-outpost packages using the system package manager

  2. Move the configuration using sudo mv /etc/steadybit/outpost /etc/steadybit/agent

  3. Install the new steadybit-agent package using your system package manager

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