Instana is a fully automated Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed specifically for the challenges of managing microservice and cloud-native applications.
Instana detects three major types of events to help you manage the Quality of Service of your applications:
  • Issues
  • Incidents
  • Changes
With our integration, we track changes in the system via the API provided by Instana and react to them within the execution of an experiment. If Instana reports an issue or incident during execution, the experiment is automatically aborted and marked as failed. Our report contains a short summary and a link to the corresponding time window in Instana. Changes noticed by Instana do not lead to an abort, since it may be intentional to start or shut down instances. Also check the Instana docs Instana Events & Incidents


Under Settings/Monitoring Integrations you have to enter the Instana base URL and the API token that was previously created in Instana. That's all we need to react to the events and incidents in Instana.


Once Instana has been configured in the platform's settings, you can use the Instana State Check in an experiment. Detailed explanation can be found in Integrate / Monitoring / Instana.
Last modified 1yr ago