Available Extensions

Make sure to visit our Reliability Hub to browse all existing extensions and their capabilities.

The AWS extension enhances Steadybit's native capabilities to discover and inject chaos within usages of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Datadog extension makes Datadog information usable within experiments, e.g., to restrict experiment runs to situations where a monitor is in an expected state.

The Istio extension adds support for Istio's service mesh fault injection capabilities.

The API gateway Kong can be interacted with through the Kong extension. It facilitates verifying how Kong services behave during intermittent outages or when services misbehave.

The Kubernetes extension complements Steadybit's natively supported Kubernetes actions and discoveries.

This extension allows to integrate Postman cloud resources within Steadybit.

A Steadybit check implementation to gather Prometheus metrics within chaos engineering experiment runs. These can be used as checks within experiments, e.g., to implement pre- and post-conditions.

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